We are nationwide and at your service!

Technical Capabilities


The IoT Install Team has a nationwide network of technicians that are qualified to install and support the following technologies:

  • Wireless Routers & Gateways
  • Satellite Terminals
  • Private RF Networks & Towers
  • Networking Gear
  • Video Cameras
  • Analog & Digital Intrumentation
  • Sensors
  • Industrial Automation, PLCs & RTUs
  • Digital Signage
  • Kiosks
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Cat5/Cat 6 Cabling
  • Solar Power

New Installations


The IoT Install Team utilizes a standardized approach to network deployments that yields successful results.  Utilizing best practices developed over several decades,  The IoT Install Team spends time with potential customers to fully understand their goals, to define safety requirements, and understand the network hardware that will be deployed.  After documenting installation requirements and network deployment timelines, The IoT Install Team then encapsulate all of this information in a Statement of Work that will serve as the foundation for the project.

Project Engineering


The IoT Install Team supports a diverse set of customers, some of which are focused on a singular facet of the IoT Industry, such as software.  We can provide engineering resources that many companies lack, including: network design, hardware evaluation, proof-of-concept designs and testing, and environmental testing. The Iot Install Team can also provide computer aided drafting (CAD) support for your project, as well as drawings that have been sealed by a registered professional engineer.  If your company needs assistance with engineering, The IoT  Install Team can help.

Packaging & Fabrication


 The IoT Install Team offers integration, packaging, and fabrication services.  We will work with your company to understand your packaging needs, the environmental specifications and power draw of the specified IoT equipment, as well as the availability of commercial power at the remote installation site.  Once your requirements are understood, The IoT Install Team will integrate the hardware into a suitable NEMA enclosure.  In additon, The IoT Install Team has the capability to design and fabricate custom mounting brackets and hardware for your application, if needed.

Maintenance & Field Support


How will you support your IoT network once it has been deployed?  We can help!  The IoT Install Team can provide ongoing support for your IoT hardware, even in rural and remote locations.  We begin by  understanding your needs and then craft a support plan that will meet your operational needs and help you acheive your objectives. In additon to providing qualified technical technicians for field support, we can assist you with warranty replacement support and equipment relocations.  The IoT Install Team can also provide depot-level maintenance programs for your gateways and other IoT hardware.

IOT Project Management


Most customers wish to deploy IoT networks as quickly as possible in order to start taking advantage of the  benefits the network provides, but rolling out a large network often involves interfacing with multiple departments within a corporation.  The deployment of an IoT network may require input and approvals from different departments, including: Information Technology, Operations Technology, Accounting, and Operations, and perhaps other stakeholders.  The IoT Install Team's Program Managers have a track record of success managing network deployments, and we can help you meet your goals.